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Best Routes

Best Routes

Exploring the Routes of the Van Life: Road Adventure around the World

Life on the road as a van lifer is a dream come true for many lovers of exploration and freedom. From majestic mountains to golden beaches to lush cityscapes, the routes van lifers choose to take are as diverse as they are exciting. On this extensive tour, we’ll take you through some of the top routes chosen by van lifers, from the more adventurous and less traveled, to the iconic and popular routes that traverse multiple countries. Get ready for a virtual journey full of excitement and discovery!

Adventurous Routes:

  1. Pan-American Route:
    • Countries: Canada to Argentina.
    • Challenge: More than 25,000 kilometers of highway through America.
    • Curiosity: The Pan-American Highway is considered one of the longest routes in the world, crossing varied climates and impressive landscapes. Its history dates back to the 1920s when the idea of a highway connecting the entire continent was proposed.
  2. Silk Road:
    • Countries: China to Europe (Türkiye).
    • Challenge: Relive the historic trade route that connected the east and the west.
    • Curiosity: The Silk Road carries with it centuries of history and diverse cultures. For centuries, this route was the epicenter of trade in silk, spices, jewelry, and other valuable goods, and played a crucial role in the interaction between Asian and European cultures.

Common Routes:

  1. West Coast of the United States:
    • States: California, Oregon, Washington.
    • Destinations: National parks, coastal cities and desert landscapes.
    • Curiosity: The route of the west coast of the United States is one of the most popular among van lifers due to its diversity of landscapes and outdoor activities. From traversing the redwood forests of Redwood National Park to basking on California’s sunny beaches, this route offers a unique blend of nature and urban culture.
  2. Carretera Austral:
    • Country Chile.
    • Challenge: Gravel road through forests, lakes and glaciers.
    • Curiosity: Known for its natural beauty and connection with wild nature, the Carretera Austral de Chile is a route that takes you through some of the most impressive landscapes in the country. From the jungle to the fjords and mountains, this route promises a unique experience on the road.

Iconic Routes:

  1. Route 66:
    • Countries: United States (Illinois to California).
    • Challenge: Travel the 3,940 kilometers of the famous “Main Street of America”.
    • Curiosity: Route 66 symbolizes the freedom of the road and American culture. It was one of the first transcontinental highways in the United States and became a symbol of westward migration during the Great Depression. Route 66 has inspired songs, movies, and works of art over the years.
  2. Route of the Loire Castles:
    • Country France.
    • Destinations: Medieval castles, vineyards and picturesque villages.
    • Curiosity: This route combines history and architectural beauty in a journey through the Loire Valley, known as the “Garden of France”. The castles along the Loire River represent the wealth and influence of the French nobility in the past.

Popular Routes Crossing Multiple Countries:

  1. Balkan Route:
    • Countries: Several in the Balkans (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, etc.).
    • Challenge: Explore the cultural diversity and impressive landscapes of the region.
    • Curiosity: The Balkans offer a unique mix of cultures and traditions. This route will take you through historic cities, paradisiacal beaches and majestic mountains, providing you with a varied and enriching experience.
  2. Australian Coastal Route:
    • Country: Australia.
    • Destinations: Big cities, paradisiacal beaches and wild nature.
    • Curiosity: This route allows you to discover the coastal beauty of Australia and its unique wildlife. From cosmopolitan Sydney to the stunning beaches of the Gold Coast, the Australian Coastal Route is a perfect way to experience the diversity of this vast continent.

Story and Thrill on the Road:

  • The Silk Road connected ancient civilizations, facilitating the trade of silk, spices and culture over thousands of kilometers. This historical route not only brought material goods, but also knowledge, religions and traditions.
  • Route 66 became a cultural icon of the United States during the 20th century, being a symbol of adventure and exploration. Many van lifers travel stretches of Route 66 to relive the nostalgia of decades past and experience the freedom of the open road.
  • The Carretera Austral in Chile was built in the 1970s to connect remote regions

s of the country and has become a desired destination for nature lovers. Although its construction was a technical challenge, the highway has allowed access to impressive natural landscapes.

  • The Route des Châteaux de la Loire has been a source of inspiration for writers and artists, and the historic castles along the Loire River tell the story of French royalty. This route is a journey through time, where travelers can imagine life in the court of kings and queens.
  • The Balkan Route reflects the turbulent history of the region, with remnants of the Balkan War still present in some places. Although the Balkans have been through difficult times, the route also shows the resilience and cultural diversity of the region.
  • The Australian Coastal Route shows the diversity of the Australian landscape, from white sand beaches to red deserts. Australia is known for its unique wildlife, and this route allows you to get up close to kangaroos, koalas, and other iconic animals.

Conclusion: A Journey without Borders

Whether you opt for the adventurous routes, the common ones, the iconic ones or those that cross several countries, the van life gives you the opportunity to explore the world with freedom and discover new cultures and horizons. Each route has its own story, challenges, and rewards. So, get in your van and get ready for a unique adventure on the road. No matter what your choice, the van life awaits you with open arms to take you on an unforgettable journey. Enjoy the road and the wonders the world has to offer! 🚐🌍🛤️